Sports massage or deep tissue massage looks to focus treatment on specific ‘problem’ areas to reduce tightness or muscle tension. Techniques used may be more vigorous than a Swedish massage, however we do not want you to be in too much discomfort. This type of massage is what your professional sports men and women would receive between training, after training or during injury.

What to expect

Your therapist will take a full history of current and previous injuries and discuss any important medical information we need to know. Once this has taken the therapist may ask you to perform certain movements/functional tasks so we can assess what needs/should be worked on. Once finished the therapist will discuss findings with you and then allow you to get ready for your massage by briefly leaving the room then returning once you are ready.

Good For:

  • People in intense training
  • Relaxation
  • Stress
  • Recovery from an event
  • Tightness in certain areas